Artists at the Chapel

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Ceramics, Drawing and painting, Printmaking
Artists at the Chapel 2023

In 2023 Artists at the Chapel (Isabel Carmona, Helen Long and Kate Steele) will return to the chapel at Newtown Road Cemetery during May 2023 each with new work and together with some pieces inspired by meditation and shared experiences.

Isabel has been working on larger watercolour landscape pieces inspired by local views, abstracted and exploring free mark making. Some of her collagraph prints inspired by the Wash Common burial mounds will also return to the chapel. Her urban sketching documentary drawing continues wherever she goes and her summer 2022 sketchbook has inspired some new original silkscreen prints.

The oceans of the world are undergoing tumultuous changes due to climate change, overfishing and the dumping of plastic waste. Helen’s work this year draws inspiration from the natural beauty and wonder of our oceans in an effort to highlight these issues. She mentions: “I am hoping that visitors will enjoy this new direction of my work, but that it might also give pause for thought”.

Our local countryside is amongst the most beautiful in England and has been a huge influence over the wellbeing of many especially over the last few years. Kate wanted to pay tribute to its beauty, peace and tranquillity.

Artists at the Chapel at the Newtown Road cemetery are kindly sponsored by Newbury Town Council.

Isabel and Kate are also taking part on the With Passion exhibition at St John's Church in Newbury.


Newbury and Central region
The Chapel, Newtown Road Cemetery
Newtown Road
RG14 7BU
Up Newtown Rd from St John's roundabout. The cemetery is on the right with chapel within.
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