Giles Penfound

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Giles Penfound Documentary Photographer

Since the very dawn of our species we have felt the need to communicate with each other by making art on cave walls, showing something about each other and the world we inhabited. In essence I believe documentary photography is just another iteration of this ancient desire to tell stories and bear witness.

The websites, books, magazines, prints, social media posts and exhibitions I make are all part of my own personal cave wall. It’s a way for me, through documentary photography, to discover more about the people I live with and in doing so bear witness to their wonderful diversity and presence in this place, at this time.

My sole focus of interest is 'Home Town Stories'. It’s a personal long-term photo documentary project to discover for myself more about the people, culture and environment of the place I live in and call home. I like to think of the local area of Newbury as an extended 'back yard', somewhere that has real meaning and relevance for me. It's here that I can be the documentary photographer I want to be, making black and white photo stories with and of the people I live amongst, in good faith with openness, honesty and personal integrity.

My desire and intention is to be an inquisitive observer, to ask questions, dig deeper and to not take anything on face value. That being said I’m not a campaigner and certainly have no interest in pursuing lost causes or attempting to be the purveyor of truth and justice. My interest and passion lies in the ordinary and every day, that which is common place, just delighting in the quotidian.

I'm excited to find out more about which at present I have no knowledge of and through an organic process of discovery, bear witness to the people, culture and environment of my home town of Newbury.


79 Conifer Crest
Wash Common
RG14 6RS
From the A343 Andover Road turn into Conifer Crest and follow the road, you'll see my sign.
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