John Brazendale

Site Number: 69
Hillside Village: Italy, outside Verona. 340mm square.

There's been a major change in my work over the past year. Although the methods of design and decoration are similar I'm now working on a flat surface and framing the 'Ceramic Paintings I'm making. The first series I made was of Hill Villages in the UK, my second series was inspired by drawing made and photographs taken whilst in Italy. The drying and firing of these large tiles can be problematic so I have resorted to using a very expensive clay! The impressed designs and superimposed glaze layers, developed for these flat surfaces will I hope transfer onto the 3D forms I'm hoping to make in the early part of 2024.


The Cloud Studio,
2, Smallridge
RG20 0LH
The Cloud Studio is situated off the Andover Rd between Conifer Crest and Wash Water (Woodpecker PH)
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