Cat Croxford

Site Number: 62
Drawing and painting
Woven Woods / Acrylic on Canvas / 120cm x 80cm

I paint the experience and sensations of the woods in my landscapes and the colours and layers of flowers in my contemporary botanicals. It is important that my tree landscape depicts a real place to be found in the woods and most of my work is painted from walks in West Berkshire, Bristol and South Oxfordshire. I am passionate that people are able to walk into my paintings and maybe that they recognise the woodlands! Light plays an important part, the way it creates contrasts, dapples through the leaves and describes long shadows. All seasons are exciting to paint, but I have a special fondness for Autumn and Spring, those months where the changes are most obvious, death and rebirth, decay and life, both parts of the eternal circle.

I love to talk about my art and how I paint, I look forward to inviting you to watch me work and to see my new paintings! I will also have cards, prints and floral art silk scarves.


Newbury and Central region
New Era Theatre
St. Georges Community Centre
RG14 6NU
On the Andover Road in Wash Common, from Newbury on the right, next to St Georges