Antonia Dewhurst

Drawing and painting, Mixed media
Protojazz / Pastel on paper / 11in x 14in

My work covers a broad range of subjects, including Landscape, the Life Model and Jazz music. I use charcoal, pastels, watercolour, oils, and collage. My sketchbook is indispensible for developing my ideas.

I am passionate about capturing the vibrancy and colour of music, especially Jazz. I work from live performances; I want to make the music and colour more vivid for myself and the viewer.
The Life Model is more than just a discipline in my work. I love working from the human figure: the possibilities for expression, and the tremendous challenges it presents for the artist are endless.

During 2020 I've spent a great deal of time outdoors, and made sketches and paintings of the Hampshire landscape. Additionally I paint while staying in the Alps, and in Skye - the light and the mountains, while very different, are a great source of inspiration.

Through art I aim to create an emotional connection between the subject and the person viewing my work; to make it more vibrant and alive for myself and them.
Commissions are welcome, and you can visit my studio year round by appointment. 07941 392 948

Opening Dates and Times

September 2021
Visits by appointment.
September 2021
12pm - 6pm on each day.


Manor Barn
Cufaude Lane
Bramley, Tadley
RG26 5DN
From A33: to SherfieldLoddon, cont to Bramley over levelcrossing, 1/2mile left to CUFAUDE LANE. A340 take LittleLondon, 3ml right to into Cufaude Lane
Wheelchair accessible