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Drawing and painting, Furniture making, Graphic art, Woodworking
Weston Arts and Crafts

Hello we are "Weston Arts & Crafts" a collaboration of Artist and Woodworker.

Louise Angus
Jon Townsin

Living in the same village based in rural West Berkshire, right next to where the “Bake Off,” is filmed, we have joined forces to showcase our work at one venue.

Below gives a brief explanation of each artist/woodworker:

Louise Angus, Artist and Creative Designer of LillyPea Designs.

A creative watercolourist generally incorporating scenes of nature, animals, marine life and flowers.
I have a loose and vivid approach to my artwork, my aim is to give that feeling of mystical, magical awe, similar to that emotion and excited tingle you had when you were told as a child, “There are fairies at the bottom of the garden!”

Jon Townsin, Furniture Maker

Matching contrasting woods and allowing the grain to speak for itself are among my favourite approaches. Using inlay work and steam bending to add interest allows me to create singular pieces that combine form and function. I don't always know what I'll make until I've made it and embrace accident and mishap as creative catalysts!


Hungerford and NW region
Old Oak Cottage
Lambourn Road, Weston
RG20 8JF
We are on the main Lambourn to Newbury road between the villages of Easton & Great Shefford.
Wheelchair accessible