All-out Superpower Confrontation

Site Number: 8
Drawing and painting, Mixed media
Bunkers 1/soft pastel/A2 and Void - beginning,end/mixed media/0.79m x 0.79m

Some might think that it's impossible to prepare a group artistic statement reconciling soft pastel semi-abstract landscapes with mixed media mosaics; they are just too fundamentally different. Surely the best that could be imagined would be that the two would just sit and quietly seethe at each other in an uncomfortable and menacing standoff? Well, it appears that history proves otherwise and you can visit the Control Tower to witness the fact for yourselves.


Newbury and Central region
Greenham Control Tower
Burys Bank Rd
RG19 8BZ
The Control Tower is accessible on foot, by bicycle, bus(nos 2. and 8), train (2 mile walk) and car.