Amanda Bates

Site Number: 15
Shadowdance/ink/44x34cm framed

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise. A cohort of Green Men (friendly chaps) have settled in beside my trademark monochrome trees. Search among the (exposed) roots and you'll find Things That Fall Off Trees and Skeleton Leaves, maybe some lingering Arabesque flora, and even a few oddments that aren't directly related to trees.
Drawing has always been at the root of what I do. I'm interested in shape, and texture, and - yes - colour, but most of all I'm interested in how things work, how they connect, how we view them and interact with them, both now and in the past. I use drawing (and painting, and printmaking) to investigate these things, to play with them, and to capture the beauty that I see around me.


29 South Road
RG20 5RY
A339. 2nd Kingsclere exit. Then 1st L: Coppice Rd, 1st R: South Rd, bear L. RHS, blue studio at rear
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