Mark Bijak

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Aviators / Giclée Print

Bold & playful illustrations simply drawn to make you smile.

I'm a freelance illustrator specializing in bold and playful hand-drawn artwork with a nostalgic touch. I create illustrations that feature objects that make me smile, often evoking memories of my own 1980’s childhood, including bicycles, guitars, and confectionary. I use brush pens on paper for the majority of my artwork and refine it digitally in Photoshop.

With a degree in Design from Goldsmiths College and extensive experience as a graphic designer, I bring a wealth of expertise to my diverse range of projects. Following some tough times in life, I now look for the positive in everything and aim to bring a little bit of joy to others through my artwork. I collaborate with commercial clients on various projects such as record sleeves, clothing prints, book covers, and board games. I also design vibrant and playful t-shirt designs for children's clothing brands like Boden, Joules, Animal, and Crew Clothing.

In addition to my commercial work, I create illustrations for my printshop and offer custom illustrations featuring a "treasured object". If you're interested in my work, feel free to contact me through my website or take a card if I'm not in the studio.


Studio 2, The Base
Greenham Business Park
RG19 6HN
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