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Open Studios 2015
Open Studios 2015 - The 27th year

Where would the world be without artists. How would our towns, our parks, our houses and rooms look if visual artists hadn't dared to follow their calling? How poor would our world be without them!

Johannes von Stumm FRBS, Chair, Open StudiosCome to our INSIGHT 2015 exhibition at the New Greenham Arts Centre. Visit studios, schools and exhibitions dotted around in the most beautiful English countryside of West Berkshire and North Hampshire. You might fall in love with the light in a painting, the gentle curves in a sculpture, the shadows in a photograph or the glazing of a ceramic vessel.

Study the brochure or visit our website www.open-studios.org.uk and search for the artists you like.

It will be - most certainly - a life enriching experience!
Johannes von Stumm FRBS, Chair, Open Studios

Johannes von Stumm FRBS
Chair, Open Studios

Pat Eastop MBE (1929 - 2014)
Pat Eastop MBE (1929 - 2014)Pat Eastop created the Open Studios Scheme in 1988 in association with the Newbury Spring Festival to support and promote the work of local artists. In the first year there were just 20 artists in the scheme. Under Pat's nurturing and guidance there are now over 250 artists registered with Open Studios West Berkshire and North Hampshire of which more than 100 take part in the scheme annually.

In 1988 Pat was the Head of the Arts Department at Theale Green School where she taught for over 30 years. Her passion was not just for the visual arts; she directed the York Nativity Play at Aldermaston Church for 57 years and it was for this and services to the community that she received the MBE in 1998.

All of us who worked with, or knew Pat, will recall how she managed to make us feel individually special to her. She cared deeply about every form of creativity and worked endlessly to foster this in everyone she met.

Pat was a most wonderful wife, mother of four, grandmother of nine, and sister of two, teacher and director. Her energy was boundless, and she will be greatly missed by us all.


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