Texture in Watercolour

Ardington Arts
The Victory Room
Thursday 27 June, 2024
10am - 4pm
RefreshmentsParkingWheelchair accessible
Texture in Watercolour

On this workshop you will be shown how to render texture in watercolour by combining a number of techniques including wet-in-wet, dry brush, and opaque paint. As well as the more established watercolour techniques, we will be looking at some other slightly less conventional approaches to rendering flaking plaster and peeling paint, rusty iron, and the rough surfaces of brick and stone without resorting to the usual gimmicks associated with creating texture. By combining a number of techniques that can be applied to both small and larger areas of a painting, a convincing suggestion of texture can be created. Texture doesn’t solely apply to rough surfaces, and you will also be shown how to render smoother surfaces, including glass. No previous experience is necessary, although some familiarity with watercolour painting would be beneficial, but not crucial.