Design : Hand painted Cushion or Cotton/Linen Cloth Napkin

Westridge Studios
Star Lane
Highclere, Hampshire
RG20 9QU
Wednesday 29 May, 2024
Afternoon 2pm till 5.30pm TBC
£35 + £10 materials optional
Beginners Design Hand Painted Cloth Napkins or Cushions

This is a Beginners Workshop suitable for budding Designers and Textile lovers of any age. Children(8-12+)should be accompanied by an Adult.
Please Bring a piece of plain cotton or Linen, enough to make at least one cloth napkin approx 30 x 30cm (12 ins) or one cushion 40 x 40cm (16 ins)
on which to draw your own Design and your own notebook preferably
with squares for designing your pattern. Unless you’d like me to provide a cushion cover or napkin for you, for an extra £10 materials.

We shall learn how to Design Table Napkins or a Cushion cover.

You might also like to bring some of your own felt pens, watercolours or crayons. I shall provide enough to share, as well as the fabric paints needed to complete your Design project on the day.

If you have any colourful drawings, and or ideas in mind, or some photos of your favourite things, do please bring them with you, to help you Design
a lovely decorative item for your bedroom or Kitchen/ Dining room.
Or where ever the item you design is going to live.