Welcome to Open Studios 2024

I am hugely honoured to be President of this wonderful organisation. It has made me more aware of a vital dimension of life in this part of the south of England. Open Studios puts us in touch with people of breathtaking talent who add so much to our quality of life.
Being an artist is often a solitary existence and many tell me how wonderful it is for them to realise that they are part of a community with whom they can share their work and what inspires them.

Open Studios brings them together and also lifts our spirits as we see their work brought together. Meeting them at the INSIGHT exhibition is always a joy for me and the many who come to The Base for the crucial few days in May. But it is only part of what Open Studios is all about. Seeing an artist in their place of work is fascinating as it gives the visitor new levels of understanding for the creative expression in their work.

The creative arts gives depth to what is otherwise an increasingly shallow world. Art can heal. It can make us laugh, even cry. It certainly lifts our spirits and enriches us.

My sincere thanks go to all who make Open Studios thrive.

The Rt Hon the Lord Benyon of Englefield

Richard Benyon photograph