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Open Studios Interview with Cáit Gould – Ceramicist

by Gillian Durrant
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Cáit has had an interesting life, and I could easily have spent the whole interview talking about other things, so I had to make a conscious effort to steer the conversation back to her ceramics.  Her studio at The Base in Greenham was surprisingly clean – even her two potters wheels were spotless – not the colourful mess I had imagined.

Cáit’s parents were Irish, hence her name, which is pronounced like the game of quoits, but she was born in Zimbabwe and then moved to Scotland as a child.  She attended the Glasgow School of Art studying ceramics and has had a passion for clay for as long as she can remember.  After graduating Cáit spent a few years in Glasgow working on community art projects before deciding to try her hand at teaching – in China.  Whilst living there for 2 years she took the opportunity to visit Jingdezhen which is China’s porcelain centre, to find out how the Chinese make and fire their ceramics.

The four-year degree at the Glasgow School of Art equipped Cáit well for her subsequent career, but also for the second series of the Great Pottery Throwdown on Channel 4, in which she participated and lasted until the quarter finals.  I remembered watching that series and have recently enjoyed the third series, and discussed it with my fellow pottery class students.  Cáit also teaches ceramics; unusually she offers one to one tuition on the potters wheel, and also teaches classes at The Base in Greenham and Reading College, both for throwing pots and ‘hand building’ other objects from clay, such as flowers and animals.

Currently Cáit is making ceramics with whiter clays fired to earthenware temperatures for a brighter effect, decorated with cobalt and copper oxides.  In addition to plates and bowls she enjoys making owl and cat ornaments which have great character.  Cáit was hoping to have exhibited her work in her studio at The Base in Greenham in May, and at Sandham Memorial Chapel, but for now you can see her work and get in touch with her via her website or look her up on Twitter and Facebook.

Looking ahead, Cáit is keen to work on larger sculptural pieces, like she did in her final degree year, and she will also be doing more Raku work, as this is something she really enjoys.


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