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Open Studios 2018
Help us celebrate our 30th year!

If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” - William Morris.

At Open Studios West Berkshire and North Hampshire we are celebrating our 30th year and would like to invite you to take a look at some very useful paintings, pictures, sculptures and ceramics.

How can a painting, picture or sculpture be useful you might ask. How could music be useful?

They are all extremely useful - you can almost call them a form of medicine - because they are balm for your soul, they lift your spirit, they are exciting, they provoke your thoughts and they can fill your heart with joy.

To get hold of this vital medicine, please, come to our main ‘pharmacy’ which is located in the INSIGHT exhibition, this year at Arlington Arts, where you can find work from each of the 123 artists registered this year. Here, exquisite porcelain, fine landscapes and still life paintings rub shoulders with aluminium prints, funky collages, knitwear, confectionery, jewellery, absorbing abstracts and electrifying sculptures – beautiful and sometimes provocative reflections on the world we live in.

Satellite exhibitions throughout May and the beginning of June, at Spring Festival concert venues and many other venues around West Berkshire and North Hampshire, hint at the wonderful treasures to be discovered by poking your head round the door of a sculptor’s workshop or painter’s studio. Behind each door awaits a festival of creative inspiration. Artists love visitors, whether or not they have cash to spend, and everyone is warmly welcome. Getting feedback on the work we produce is very valuable to us artists.

Johannes von Stumm - painting by Lucy Stopfordpainting by Lucy Stopford
Use your Open Studios Directory of Artists as a guide to visiting studios in May/June, you can even join in the creativity yourself by enrolling on one of the free hands-on workshops listed towards the back. Use the OS Directory too, as a valuable contact point with artists all year round, so the next time you need a unique wedding present or family portrait, you know who to call.

INSIGHT and our 120+ Open Studios artists welcome you with open arms.

Johannes von Stumm FRBS
President, Open Studios

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