Sadie Brockbank

Site Number: 19

Throughout my life I have been fascinated by the otherness of animals. My work has focused on this search for understanding about how we connect with other life forms on this planet, how we treat them, and how we can learn from them.

I am not a 'representational' artist, though the beings that inhabit my work are recognisable in general if not in specifics. My work has a narrative approach, often with elements working together or beings engaging with or merging with other life forms.

My work is an expression of what I feel is the inseparable nature of the natural world of which we are an intrinsic part and to which, unfortunately, we pose the biggest threat. I like to bring a positive energy to this dilemma, expressing my love for the natural world and the intricate web of life in which we dwell.


Reading and NE region
Mortimer Hill Studios
The Street
Access via Strawberry Fields. Follow Open Studio Signs from the rbt on The Street