Linda Saul

Site Number: 27
Drawing and painting, Mixed media
Pendeen Clifftop/watercolour collage/40x38cm

I use watercolour in a non-traditional way to produce highly textural work. I also use other water based media exploiting the physical properties of each medium and the ways in which they work together. The properties of the paper used with watercolour significantly affects texture and so collage often features in my work allowing me to mix papers and effects. After collaging I may further modify the surface by scratching, cutting or tearing back collaged areas before applying more paint. Sometimes an area of a painting is subjected to repeated readjustments in this way and this can produce rich layered effects. Final paintings are produced in the studio based on sketches and photographs made on location. My painting process is characterised by a balance between letting the paint do its own thing and harnessing it to compose the image that I seek. Coastal, landscape and city scenes (including construction sites) are my favourite subjects. My work relates to man’s harnessing of nature, the interaction between the natural and human worlds and the passage of time.


Reading and NE region
The Gables, 14 Park Lane
Twyford exit from A4 rbt by Texaco. Right at next rbt into Park Lane, venue after next rbt on right