Linda Hasking

Site Number: 15
Printmaking, Textiles
bespoke wallpapers created with lettering and photography / print / custom size

I've been designing high end wallpapers and fabrics to commission for over ten years under my studio name 'Identity Papers'. I work digitally, and it's a way of working that I started to use during my original training as a fine art printmaker.
Typically bespoke designs include photography and lettering chosen by each of my clients. They are often made for homes, but not always. One of my first commissions was Trajectory Quilt, the 50 square meter mural in the reception of Everest Community College, made with some of the students there.
I love the relationship I have with each client, working towards the best way to bring more of the things they love into their own spaces. The range of subject matter has been broad and inspiration comes from the interests of each client. In many cases the outcome is a bespoke artwork that covers a complete wall, as an alternative to hanging a framed piece.
If you visit me during West Berkshire and North Hampshire Open Studios you'll be able to see examples of many styles from projects I've worked on and also the more conventional printmaking that I developed alongside this strand of my work. In these smaller pieces the subject matter is often everyday objects and the home. The techniques include digital print and blind emboss.


Basingstoke and SE region
71 Cliddesden Rd
RG21 3EY
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