Sarah Jane Gordon

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Hidden Treasures - Mono Print - 20cm x 20cm

My work is inspired by my love of natural objects, the environment and the passage of time. Each object I collect has a story to tell of its journey through time. I grew up on the Isle of Wight which is where my love of the coast began. This has developed over time into a passion. I am inspired by all aspects of the coast – the big skies and endless horizons, the ever-changing patterns, shapes and forms, the layers and history trapped within.
My artwork is an expression of my deep desire to return to the coast, which is where I am at my most peaceful and inspired. It is my hope that the work I create offers the viewer the feeling of that connection which is so important to me.

I am a treasure hunter, always searching for something interesting to pick up and collect when I am walking. The objects I find are incorporated into my work in many ways. Each season, new tide/beach has something different to offer.

I use found objects from my beach visits such as old bits of rope, textured stones, fossils, shells to make impressions in my Mono prints. I also draw and hand cut stencils and press seaweed which I use to build up layers within my prints. Each print is a one-off unique piece. I also combine other non-coastal finds into my work, this is a development spurred on by the periods of lockdown and the need for new materials to work with, most notably I have found the forest an excellent source of inspiration, experimenting with pressing varied types of lichen and ferns which mimic the seaweed forms I love.
Some of the sea tumbled fragments used in my work have been found on the beaches of Devon and Dorset; Lynmouth where there are so many pieces of tumbled ceramic and glass left over from the great flood of 1952, I love trawling Lyme Regis and Charmouth bay for its fossils. I also create my own pieces of tumbled pottery from plates I collect and smash to repurpose as jewellery, sail boats, mobiles and hangings. These fragments echo that treasure I so desperately seek when I am beach combing.

Environmentally speaking I want my work to be low impact, using recycled materials as much as possible – I collect packaging materials which I use within my processes to create pattern and texture as well as to create printing plates for Intaglio printing processes – Dry point etching. I incise my designs onto the tetra pack plate, ink it and use my pasta machine as a press to create the prints.

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