Michael Norcross

Site Number: 28
Drawing and painting, Printmaking
cool blue wood

Over the last few years, amongst other things I have produced landscapes often from close to home like local parks or nearby countryside. People have commented on particular paintings as evoking a state of ‘mindfulness’ or the feeling one gets in a restful space; I am not exactly sure what that means but I know that when I paint, I am 'in the moment', in a trance-like state of concentration, whether in the field or studio. I am searching for a sustained, aesthetic resonance, which I hope will continue to last in my work at least as long as the trees and natural world to which they refer. My paintings are often a synthesis or distillation of experience, a contemplation or sensation of a particular place or object, usually based on work directly from observation. I look to produce paintings which have longevity, and that people will always find something in them that they had not noticed initially and will gain enough pleasure from them to want to revisit, even reflecting on their own relationship with nature or the scene depicted.

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Reading and NE region
Studio 21, 21 Patrick Road, Caversham
From the Station walk across the river footbridge and Christchurch meadows park to Gosbrook road. Turn left find 21 half way down Patrick road,