Cait Gould

Site Number: 5
Glenfinnan Pitcher / Ceramic / 25cm

Berkshire-based ceramicist Cáit Gould has been passionate about clay since studying Ceramics at Glasgow School of Art in 2002. Having been selected to participate in BBC2's 'Great Pottery Throw Down' Cáit reached the quarter-finals of series 2. She was described by Kate Malone as having ‘great sensitivity’ for the medium and her dog-inspired water feature brought Keith Brymer-Jones to tears!

Cáit’s work and teaching seeks to convey a joy in the material of clay along with delicate observations in surfaces. She is inspired by the elemental nature of working with clay and fire. Currently working on a potters’ wheel, she seeks to create calm, elegant forms in the pieces she makes and enjoys finishing them in a range of different methods.

Her blue and white pieces are carefully finished in water-tight glaze over delicately-applied cobalt oxide. This brings out the surface of the clay to depict the landscape of the country in which Cáit grew up, Scotland. You may recognise the Glenfinnan Viaduct depicted with Jacobite steam train journeying through the Highland backdrop.

In contrast Cáit’s small bottles and bowls have been finished using the serendipitous, alternative firing techniques of ‘Raku’ and ‘Obvara’. Originating in Japan and the Baltic, respectively, these processes are fast, fiery and unpredictable, leading to more loose and abstract finishes where the residual marks from saw-dust, wire, feathers and bubbley yeast mixture can be discovered, making each piece unique. These pieces are ornamental only and not for food.

Cáit’s work was short-listed for The Penn Club Centenary Art prize in Bloomsbury, London, and a series of personalised tiles she was commissioned to create now reside in a time capsule in ‘The Can of Ham’ in The City, London.

You can find Cáit’s work and details of pottery classes she teaches on her website. Follow her on social media or get in touch to learn more.

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