Artists at City Arts Newbury

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Digital art, Drawing and painting, Environmental art, Graphic art, Mixed media, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture
Artists at City Arts Newbury

3 multi discipline artists will be demonstrating and exhibiting their varied styles and works at City Arts Newbury. Benjamin Honisett, Emma Green and Petra Giede-Barnes.

Petra Giede-Barnes has been captivated by the natural world since childhood and collected natural objects like driftwood, shells, pebbles and flotsam ever since. It is her aim to make us look closer at their beauty by enhancing their visual, structural, textural, and tactile characteristics through using a minimum of manipulation. It hopes to encourage us to build a more protective attitude towards nature and our planet.

Emma Green thrives on the inspiration the British countryside has to give. The natural world provides imagery, with landscape, plants and especially birds forming the core of Emma's visual world. Birds have historically been associated with freedom, purity and perhaps even innocence. Their power of flight makes them evocative symbols of liberty, but even in ancient Babylon and China humans have caged them and kept them as pets or possessions. Many of Emma's works explore this tension; restriction and freedom. The of birds are shown framed, tethered or under cloches, denied their freedom, so that they have become objects to be admired.

Benjamin Honisett uses many years of experience as a Graphic Designer and Mixed Media Artist to produce dramatic free-flowing studies and industrial style photography. A relaxed drawing style which relies on strong erratic lines and vibrant colouring techniques bring his landscapes and other studies to life, while his interest in distressed environments and abstract form creates engaging compositional photographs. Some of his recent projects have been based on distressed environments and also the creation of 'SOUNDSCAPES' where music is used to influence the paintings he is working on.
NB. Ben will be on site demonstrating his work along side Emma and Petra each weekend of Open Studios except the final weekend of the exhibition commencing Saturday 28th due to prior commitments.

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10am to 6pm


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