Ursula Waechter


In a digital world of screens and pressing buttons, I find it grounding to work with a multitude of manual processes and the skills that are involved in making tin-glazed earthenware pottery.

I am interested in making items for use that are tactile and visually satisfying by controlling the processes of making, painting and firing. The finish of the underneath and the foot of the pot is as important to me as the position of the design on the shape or the quality of the glaze and richness of the fired oxides.

I explore form and painting with the aim that each informs the other. I think of my work as evolving using the finished work as a reference point by which to move on from.

I am influenced by painting on ceramics from Persia, Spain and China, admiring their fluency and skill with the brush.

Opening Dates and Times

May 2021
11am 6pm (Thur - Sun)
I am in the studio most days including weekends. You are welcome to visit but please ring me first.


Folly Farm Studios
50b Folly Farm, Kingsclere Road, Ramsdell
RG26 5GJ
Between Kingsclere and Basingstoke, just off A339, middle of first building on the left
Wheelchair accessible
Working studio