Teresa Munn

Poem Vessel, white /porcelain /20cm

I write with clay, exploring relationships with landscape.
Our earliest records were inscribed clay tablets, and I sense a continuity in using clay as a medium for script.
I like the shapes and shadows created by 3 dimensional slip-trailed text. Shadows move with the light, echoing our hazy, shifting memories of experiences. Words come off the page and take form.
I am a member of Ceramic Art Whitway, along with Sally Courage & Moya Tosh. We host a permanent exhibition space housed within a working studio. Our aim is to promote the work of local ceramicists and studio potters in a relaxed, drop-in environment. We aim to bring ceramics to a wider audience where people can come and go, browse, buy and watch artists at work.
We can also host small groups for talks by the artists about their practice.
We are currently closed, but hope to be able to offer viewings by appointment as soon as the regulations allow. In the meantime, please do look at our videos on youtube channel Ceramic Art Whitway, where we discuss our processes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGqbKb6tilc and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U48drzCzHxo&t=9s. Further videos will be available during 2021.

Opening Dates and Times

Working studio