The Spirit of the Sea

Glass art incl. Enamel and Mosaics
The spirit of the Sea/fused glass/approximately 25cm diameter

My name is Gayle Sparks, I am extremely passionate and inspired to work with my medium of fused glass. I love the fact that by being creative and making various types of art glass I enable enjoyment and inspiration for others.
I am so lucky to the the owner of Enchanting Glass Designs, from here in my studio I create my work and I also teach others to be inspired by the medium to create their very own individual pieces of art.
I started working with glass some 12 years ago although originally as a paper crafter I used to make handmade cards and card keepsakes for many years before that. It was with this craft that I attended a fused glass course and became addicted to glass.
Fused Glass is such fun to work with, very versatile and extremely tactile, it makes you want to stroke it all the time. It comes in many different forms and every colour of the rainbow and many other designs of mixed colours which makes the creating process so exciting as the choice is endless for design and creation.

Opening Dates and Times

May 2021
Open 6 days a week Sun 10-3pm Tues to Sat 10-5pm
Wheelchair accessible
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