Samantha Emmons

Drawing and painting, Mixed media
Autumn of Change/Oil paint Varnish and mixed media/150x120cm

During Lockdown and this turbulent year, I have continued to be influenced by change and the world around us. How life can so easily change from good to bad to worse, the fragility of our environment and the beauty in change. I have been exploring surface qualities achieved through layering paint, varnish, and other materials such as: torn and shredded papers, threads, glues, and netting. The influence of nature, organic growth, change, movement, fluidity, transparency, reflection, tactility and ephemeral qualities are evident. Using voluptuous colour with transparent and opaque layers depth is created inviting viewers to dive into the world of the painting where forms are suspended or growing from the solid canvas.

Opening Dates and Times

Most Mondays
September 2021
11-3pm please do contact to arrange a meeting
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