Peter Driver

Peter Driver directing 'March for Optimism', Andover, 2015

Peter Driver's multi-disciplinary practice reflects his discontent with the status quo. He addresses his environmental and societal concerns through a process of social actions grounded in the analogue and the hand-made. Whether presenting his psychogeographic experiences of durational walks and contested sites, or negotiating the ambiguities of text and interpretation, he confronts viewers with work which can be both a material assertion and a tentative search for understanding.

Working most often with woodcut, he creates prints and paintings with short texts set within a visual context that might borrow from the pop culture of his youth, geometric abstraction or the found-patterns occurring within woodgrain or other natural forms. In both the graphic and performative elements of his practice, he operates in the tradition of the Fool and Mischief-Maker, seeking the transformative in the apparently futile and trite. He intends the work to be imbued with a sense of gift and generosity; that he is journeying and working for others, for 'us'. Even when the text is a surreptitious punch on the nose, he intends to deliver it with love. The work comes from a love of humanity coupled with a tendency to dissent; both vestiges of a lost faith. He is committed to reaching non-exclusive audiences so you might find him in the street, handing out free woodcut prints to passers-by, or seeking public venues for his projects, such as K6 Gallery in two decommissioned phoneboxes.

As a curator, he achieves his objectives by making opportunities for others, particularly for young and emerging artists.

Opening Dates and Times

May 2021
10.30am - 5pm
I am generally in the studio on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Subject to any current Covid-19 restrictions, visitors are welcome throughout the year, by appointment. Please email or phone to arrange a visit.


Studio 1/2 OpenHand OpenSpace
571 Oxford Road
RG30 1HL
Car parking at rear, accessed via Brock Gardens. Bus routes 15, 16 and 17 from Reading - alight at Brock Gardens stop.
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