Lawson Wild


Lawson Wild has been looking at the world through a camera lens for over sixty years. His body of work, which comprises over 1,000 images, is curated by his daughter, fine artist Jo Wild. In this exhibition, father and daughter will show work alongside each other for the first time. Having honed his craft over a lifetime, Lawson remains loyal to traditional photography, favouring the absorbing process of darkroom development over digital techniques. His composition is instinctive and rigorous, his sharp timing captures light and colour in a way that leaves the viewer wishing they were there. Through photographs taken during his travels Lawson allows the viewer to imagine the unfolding scene and story. He has also captured powerful images of early WOMAD festivals.. Lawson’s work catches chance moments and encounters between all kinds of people with a great warmth and wit

Opening Dates and Times

3 pm till 6pm


53 Southend
Cold Ash
Working studio