Kevin Akhurst

Full-bodied pot / Stoneware / 20 cm tall

I am a potter based in North Hampshire and I make decorative and functional stoneware in my wood-fired kiln. Almost all my work is thrown on a wheel and decorated with slips and/or glazes, depending on where in the kiln the pot will be fired. The following ideas are particularly important to my work:

• The vessel as a container, reflected in a fullness of form and a shape which almost demands being held in the hands. A pot which is good to touch and hold is also one which is good to look at, since the eye imagines the touch as it sees.

• The importance of surface complexity. A complex surface draws the eyes in and maintains interest over many viewings.

• A sense of movement and energy. The paradox of conveying movement in a static vessel is one which interests me. A pot with a dynamic form or a surface indicating movement can look lively and energetic.

I have decided to use the current unusual times as an opportunity to develop my work and build my stock.

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