Jane Vaidya

Drawing and painting
Rainy Cape Cornwall sunset, watercolour, sketchbook

My website entry this year is all about sketchbook work. A traumatic year for humanity in a way we haven’t experienced globally before. Three lockdowns have made me focus on specific subjects.

The first lockdown sketchbook featured sunsets which I thought apt, and here is a scene of a rainy sunset at Cape Cornwall.

The second lockdown sketchbook in November was all about my garden and I sketched and painted a different scene every day.

Pictures from the third lockdown again feature the garden but look at dark and light as a theme to explore.

Pictures from the fourth sketchbook are from from a wonderful museum in Bhopal, India called the Tribal Art Museum. This features life from some of the indigenous tribes and is a glorious display of colour and pattern, religious artefacts, houses and ceremonial art. I have used some of the tribal images and made a personal response to them.

My Portfolio statement gives more details of this work.

Opening Dates and Times

My studio is not open on specific dates this year but you are welcome to visit and see existing paintings and sketchbooks. Please email me on jane@janevaidya.com to arrange a date and time. Please also check out my website www.janevaidya.com to see more of my work.