Gemma Kirby

Drawing and painting, Mixed media
Sweet Williams, acrylic on canvas, 40 x 50 cm

Continuing to be inspired by nature and the environment, I use a mix of media in my work and like to create art that can lift the viewer's mood and mental well-being. This year I am making pieces that I am subconsciously attracted to, I find inspiration from all around me. Developing my own drawing and painting skills, I often find I like to make statements through my work - be them environmental, political or cultural.

In addition, I have begun a series of illustrations that represent posters and scenes of things I would have loved to have done if I had the chance to live my life all over again. After suffering a big bout of depression and anxiety in my early twenties and feeling removed from the normal social activities of an average young adult, I am enjoying making pictures where I either place a dream version of myself or others living life to the full.

Birds are also my inspiration for this year's Open Studios. The theme has followed on from a recent Newbury Corn Exchange community learning project where I set a program of art activities focusing on Picasso's Dove of Peace.

I graduated with a degree in Public Art and Design and undertake regular mural commissions and community arts projects. I also run a primary school Arts Club and I am currently working towards delivering Arts Award qualifications for young people.

Opening Dates and Times

I will be exhibiting with 'A Palette of Artists' at Stockcross House each weekend from Sat 18th September to Sun 10th October, 11am - 4pm
September / October 2021
11am - 4pm


A Palette of Artists
Stockcross House, Stockcross
RG20 8JU
Turn right from A4 towards Hungerford or left from the B4000 at Stockcross
Wheelchair accessible