Gaila Adair

Drawing and painting
Lane to Sydmonton/Oil on Canvas/100cmx100cm

Tracks, Trees, the Sea and Me!

Many of my paintings are about my exploration of the countryside and my interpretation of what I see. The subject often dictates the mood and intensity of the style, often sparked by an initial observation. The inspiration can often come from a seemingly mundane or common source. It can come from a much travelled track, a daily walk with the dog, when the sun bursts through trees and shifts the experience to a new dimension, an 'Oh' moment!

Tracks: where we intend to go or where we have been, a moment in time, the very thing that can be explored in a painting. The here and now, a moment in time can be enjoyed in paint for a lifetime.

Trees : are inspiring. Their magnificence and stature in a rolling landscape change according to their seasonal colour. The bold shapes and bright tones of the Summer are replaced by the sensitive shades and hues of winter, they are the sentinels of our world and often the focus of our Golden sections.

The Sea: is awe inspiring, a deep voluminous, swirling mass of colour and form. It holds a power fed by the weather and the moon, always shifting, always changing. Trying to harness this in paint without caricaturing the image is a challenge. We all know what a wave looks like but how does it feel to paint the energy.

Me? I often feel like a river, I rise and fall, I explore through the landscape from the source to the sea, never still, always moving. The paint on my canvas moves with the subject, thick and bold or transient washes, always discovering.

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Brimpton Common
From Tadley at cross roads turn right in to Brimpton Lane. Opposite a bus stop turn right in to the Byway, fork left by bungalow, 20 is at end on left