Claire Knott

Ceramics, Drawing and painting
Waiting / Acrylic/ %1 cm x 75 cm

Most of my life has involved Art; I have been teacher of Art, a painter, printer and ceramicist. I love challenging others to be creative and having recently retired from teaching Art in schools, I now have more time to develop my own creative work.
After my degree in Ceramics from Bristol, and many years specialising in ceramic work, my focus has changed in the last few years, and my current work mostly involves working from the figure in 2D, but I find myself drawn to the form of the figure, and the way light plays on that.
I turned to painting as a result of teaching it; my understanding and appreciation of the history of painting has grown, particularly through teaching A level Art and visiting many galleries. I love studying a painting first-hand; to let it draw you in, and see how the artist has juxtaposed and applied the colours.
I have also always loved life drawing; the discipline of it and the way just a few lines can create a sense of life. In my paintings I try to use the colour and the posture of the figure to communicate with the viewer, sometimes suggesting movement multiple poses. I am trying to create, on canvas or paper, a suggestion of human expression; the challenge for me is to do so with a looseness that suggests an element of life, without being too precise and detailed.

Opening Dates and Times

11.00 am-6.00pm
Open at other times by appointment
September / October 2021
11 am-6 pm


Harts Lane
RG20 9JD
The house is opposite the sports field, between Limes Ave and Cobbetts View. The studio is in a separate building on the left of the house.
Wheelchair accessible
Working studio