Angela Willis

Drawing and painting, Mixed media
Porthcurno Cornwall

Though Conceptual Art remains an element of my work, recently my paintings of the sea and earthscapes lean towards realism. My paintings last year were conceived and inspire whilst walking the British coast. These sea paintings will be exhibited in my studio in September.
For much of this year I have focussed on the moody unpredictability of nature, and the fragility and totemic presence of trees along hidden pathways in my local environment. I am influenced by the natural, complex forces that affect our world and the dangers that threaten it. 'Earthworks' is an on-going project. is a desire to capture and nurture images of land around me, using paint and textiles on large canvas and hung in its natural form. Using my sketchbooks, photographs and memory my work suggests a transition between realism and abstraction.

This year, profits from the sale of my paintings will be distributed to three charities: "The Wave Project" and "Surfability"and "RNLI"

Opening Dates and Times

EARTHWORKS:Seaways, Holloways & Riverways: is an exhibition of my work during September OpenStudios 2021 Please see dates below.
September 2021


Milehouse Studio, Unit 4,Milehouse Farm,
Bath Road,
Sulhampstead, Berkshire
From Newbury, along the Bath Road towards Reading, past the Spring Inn. Turn right into Milehouse Farm (Theale Fireplace sign).Studio has steep steps.
Working studio