Lone Hudson and Tessa Kirby

Lone Hudson, Tessa Kirby

Lone Hudson

Ceramics, Drawing, Painting

Lone Hudson

I design and make contemporary stoneware ceramics predominantly coiled or slab constructed vessels dishes bowls and sculptures. This year I have been working a lot with expressing balance and tension in my pieces. There will be an opportunity to make a small object of your own at my workshop.

T:01488 681419

Tessa Kirby

Drawing, Painting

Tessa Kirby

I am toying with a limited palette which has given me a new lease of life, an excitement about my work.I am fascinated by reflections and shadows and just the amazing beauty of the world. I suppose basically it is the light, the way it falls on an object and how it changes throughout the day and the season., and how it creates a mood, an atmosphere.

T:01635 45828

Working studio

Woodpecker House, 2 Sanham Green RG17 0RS

t:01488 681419

From the top of Hungerford High st. turn left into Priory Road, continue past John O' Gaunt school. At the triangle junction turn right to Sanham Green. Go through the forest. Woodpecker House is the third house on the right.

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