ARTISTS at Work Series - 6

ROBERT FITZMAURICE – Painter and Printmaker

When I meet Robert at his studio, he tells me of the excitement of putting a picture forward for the Royal Academy Summer exhibition which is currently going through the selection process.  One of his prints “Man V”, will soon be on its way to New York for a printmakers show.

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Robert studio itself, at the top of his house, near the centre of Reading is an Aladdin’s cave, is well-lit through skylights, and full of interesting materials to discuss, his printmaker’s press to one side and brushes, bottles, and canvases everywhere. There is an underlying order to the space and I am certain he can find anything there but the space is busy, warm, full of stimuli.  A creative space full of work at different stages.

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ABOUT Robert:

Robert Fitzmaurice (born 1960) is a British painter and printmaker who lives and works in Reading, Berkshire. He has been a member of the Open Studios scheme since 2011 and opens his home studio. He also holds a studio at OpenHand OpenSpace, Reading and is a regular exhibitor with Espacio Gallery London. 

Originally from the Midlands, he studied Fine Art at the universities of Sunderland (BA) and Reading (MFA). Soon after completing his studies he was chosen by Adrian Heath as Artist of the Day at Angela Flowers Gallery, London. Since then his work, which has been exhibited in the UK and abroad, has entered a number of public and private collections.

ARTISTS at Work Series

In 2016, Open Studios invited Isabel Carmona to start a series of Graphic Interviews of artists to make a personal connection with the variety of visual art forms that are represented in Open Studios. We are lucky to have such a great number of artists that open their doors throughout May in West Berkshire and North Hampshire. It can be daunting to choose where to go. With this series, we hope to bring you a flavour of what to expect, what to talk about with each artist and to present them in a human light, finding out how they got where they are now.


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Photographs by Robert Fitzmaurice.

Drawing by Isabel Carmona-Andreu (

Contact: Open Studios: John Brazendale, or 01635 551981


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