ARTISTS at Work Series - 3

Ben Hônisett – Graphic and mixed media artist

I spent a morning with Ben working at a screen-printing studio in the Hambridge Road, Squeegee and Ink, where we were printing a poster for the Cover to Cover 2016 exhibition at the West Berkshire Museum.  It was Ben’s first year in Open Studios.

As part of the project, each team had to produce a hand printed poster on the theme of their group. Ben’s group theme was local history and they renamed it to Newbury, the very central theme of the poster. At the end of the printing session we took a rest to talk about his own personal work and how he was looking forward to taking part in the Open Studios scheme.

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Ben grew up in the Marlborough and Avebury area. He has recently come back from living in France, near the Spanish border, and it is now working as a cover teacher.  Previously, he worked as a graphic designer and has loads of experience in the commercial printing world. 

Collage and mixed media have always been Ben’s preferred method of working and he has now developed his own way of working with a digital tablet where he draws and paints original pictures straight on the computer, and then does limited series print runs.  While I sketch his portrait, our conversation digresses into mark-making, drawing and collage techniques, and Star Wars – he has a recent series based on Star Wars helmets and the lovable R2D2.

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Ben’s studio is open most evenings between the 30th April and the 22nd May and Saturday and Sunday mornings but not open on Mondays (his day of rest).  He awaits your visit and will welcome you at his home studio just off the Hambridge Road.

Work below by Ben Hônisett – Ben says “Star Spangled Banner started from a story on a Sunday newspaper, another college shooting in America, within the work there are various statistics about gun deaths in USA, in an informative way, respectful to the victims and with despair at the gun laws. The piece is mixed media acrylic, pencil, pen, collage and typography. “

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ARTISTS at Work Series

In 2016, Open Studios invited Isabel Carmona to start a series of Graphic Interviews of artists to make a personal connection with the variety of visual art forms that are represented in Open Studios. We are lucky to have such a great number of artists that open their doors throughout May in West Berkshire and North Hampshire. It can be daunting to choose where to go. With this series, we hope to bring you a flavour of what to expect, what to talk about with each artist and to present them in a human light, finding out how they got where they are now.


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All drawings are by Isabel Carmona-Andreu (

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