New Greenham Tandoori Restaurant
Yin and Yang in the Garden
Paintings by Jane Vaidya
Yin and Yang in the Garden

The garden is a place of beauty but also one where nature's battles constantly play out. Every scene displays its tranquil and scary side depending on one's status as victor or victim. Cause and effect, life and death, spread before us like a constant dance.

The Yin Yang philosophy dates back to ancient China and the belief that everything in the Universe consists of two forces - opposing but complementary. This seems an apt concept for these paintings.

That fox taking ducks needs to feed its young.....but yes it can kill for the sake of it, as cats do with birds. Mother Nature is frequently hard to understand, beautiful but brutal and arbitrary too.

The oil paintings here have arisen from these ideas, a constant observance of life in our garden on a day to day and yearly basis. The paintings range between representational and more playful abstract forms often combining the two
in one picture.

Jane will also be holding an exhibition on the Yin and Yang theme at her studio when she opens her garden with the National Garden scheme on Sunday 18th June 2017 from 2-5pm at the Mill House in Donnington, Newbury.

Please also visit her website to see more of her work.

New Greenham Tandoori shows artists’ work throughout the year.


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