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The unique resident studio space at New Greenham Arts provides the opportunity for Studio 8 artists to work within a wide range of media. Eight artists invite you to visit their studios and explore their ideas, working methods and completed works of art. The studios are open all year round by appointment.

Ursula Waechter
Ceramics Ursula Waechter

I make decorative brush-painted tin-glazed earthenware for use and display. My recent work explores a wax resist technique for designs, together with new colour combinations.

I accept commissions for commemorative work, including wedding and christening gifts.

I run workshops at Greenham and offer individual throwing lessons in my studio space.

T:0118 971 2751, 07748 082087

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Jane Cannon Return to the top of this page
Mixed media, Sculpture Jane Cannon

I have rediscovered colour and am experimenting with paint, textures, layers and what lies beneath the surface. There is so much to learn, but what an exciting journey it is.

T:01635 30565, 07970 781327

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Shirley Eccles Return to the top of this page
Glass art, Installation art, Jewellery Shirley Eccles

Shirley Eccles is a Glass Artist, who explores a variety of kiln forming techniques. Her work is largely conceptual and focuses on the symbolism of the materials; the presence of light and the interplay of contrasts. She explores themes in her work including memory, history and loss. This year she will also be exhibiting some of her silver jewellery. Shirley runs regular workshops teaching a variety of glass fusing and casting techniques.

T:01635 247964, 07817 722330

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Rosemari Golledge Return to the top of this page
Drawing and Painting Rosemari Golledge

My inspiration comes from places and spaces, but in my work, I do not intend to depict the 'real world'. I seek to express colour in all its beauty exploring a range of possibilities through subtle changes in colour choice, composition, method of application and surface preparation. Each painting is a journey, which ends where the journey of the viewer starts, taking my work into infinite possibilities of interpretation.

T:07739 564954

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Sally Haynes Return to the top of this page
Drawing, Mixed media Sally Haynes

Experimental drawing and monoprinting using a jelli block are the main focus for Sally this year.
Sally pushes the boundaries of drawing in her experimental drawing, monoprinting and bookmaking workshops and classes throughout the year.
She is exhibiting in the Corn Exchange Newbury during Open studios, and Margate as part of the International Women’s Day celebrations 2017.

T:01635 40600, 07905 973817

Julie Parker Return to the top of this page
Mixed media Julie Parker

My work is led by found or collected materials such as dryer lint and human hair. I explore the meanings found within these materials through drawing, sculpture and installation. The human body is always absent, but mental states often become evident in the surreal finished objects. I have exhibited at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York and various UK galleries.

T:07904 902950

Helen Peake Return to the top of this page
Drawing and Painting, Sculpture, Traditional crafts Helen Peake

Drawing is the groundwork for most artistic processes and my focus at present. This year I have concentrated on form and line in Life Drawing - but only black and white, not yet allowing myself the distraction of colour.

Unable to exclude colour from my life, I have balanced the drawing with botanical painting, learning more in-depth colour theory of hue, value and saturation through watercolour painting and gouache.

Stone carving is also a continuing interest.

T:07948 802079

Luke Webb Return to the top of this page
Sculpture Luke Webb

My work deals with the grey area of human experience: whether it's sculpture or painting, I strive to create work that is strongly felt but not easily explained.

Romanticism and a strong interest in figure drawing underpin my approach to public art, ensuring it is both accessible and compelling.

T:01635 521079


Working studioWheelchair access to this studio
113 Lindenmuth Way, New Greenham Park, Newbury, Berkshire RG19 6HN
t: 0118 971 2751, 07748 082087

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Studio 8, the resident studio space at New Greenham Arts Centre, is on Greenham Business Park off the A339 just south of Newbury. Coming into the Arts Centre turn right along the corridor and continue straight ahead into Studio 8.

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